Cyberbullying turns words into weapons.
It hits where it hurts the most and leaves scars.

Cyberbullying can no longer be ignored. It takes place even on the biggest social platforms, where teens seek validation. The first step in the fight against cyberbullying? Acknowledging it.

We are trying to get Facebook to adopt the first reaction button that signals cyberbullying content, whether it consists of mean remarks, hate or threats. We want to generate awareness of this phenomenon, which has been normalized by the lack of measures against it.

How it feels like

HATE. When words that were said suffocate you and scratch your mind like nails. When there’s no escape. When you want to shrink until you disappear once and for all.

HUMILIATION. No matter how hard you try, you cannot escape their venom. The pain is almost physical and you end up believing you are nothing more than what they say you are.

VIOLENCE. Their words become your scars. They swear at you, they keep on threatening you, they won’t let you sleep. You are the prisoner of your own fear.

Sign the petition

We need you to help us spot cases of cyberbullying. Sign the petition with your Facebook account and help us persuade the biggest social media platform to implement the first Facebook reaction button that signals aggressive content.

How it works

Gather 50.000 digital signatures.

Build a strong case and bring it to Facebook's attention.

Persuade Facebook to get involved.

Turn the Anti Cyberbulling reaction button into reality.